Base Outdoor Activities, in the context of developing partnerships and wishing to provide its prospective partners with the best technical training, organizes its training seminars, with the best global trainers and recognized organizations.
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Canyoning Courses Level 3AC Greece

Canyoning Courses Level 3AC Greece Training in Canyoning Technique   DATE: 22 to 25 March 2019 ACTIVITY: CANYONING TRAINING COUNTRY: Greece AREA: Attica CDS: GR02 DAYS: 3 COST: 220 € REGISTRATION :     Brief Description   Don’t you want to penetrate into the world’s fastest growing business? Don’t you want to learn the secrets
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2019 January Mountaineering Training School for Winter Mountain

DATE: January 2019 ACTIVITY: Winter Mountain Training AREA: Greece DAYS: 10 DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 3/5 COST: 350 € PURCHASE TICKET:   On 9 January 2019 the new section of the Mountaineering Training School begins. The program includes 10 days of practical and theoretical training divided into five days (not consecutively) and held in some of the
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2018 Oktober Paragliding Training with BOA!

Did you ever dream of flying in the clouds, along with the birds? Paragliding is one of the simplest flying devices that allows us to take off the hillside, to gain the height with the help of nature, without the use of a machine, to stay for hours in the air and to travel for tens of kilometers of distance. But most of all, it unlocks another world for us, magical and privileged.Be careful: the flight is extremely addictive!
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2018 September Canyoning Training Courses International Canyoning Guide

Base Outdoor Activities ltd., together with AESED, in combination of European and American training institutions, brings to Greece the first training program for canyoning.Base Outdoor Activities ltd., based on the continuous development of new techniques in canyoning, comes to create canyon guides, capable of managing any circumstances they need to deal with, with a groundbreaking school in Greece.An innovative and modern school that includes all the stages of development that a candidate needs in order to become a member of a team of exploration and physical exercise, through the activity of canyoning.
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