2018 Oktober Paragliding Training with BOA!


DATE: 22/9/2018
COST: 700 €

 Paragliding Training with BOA!
The lessons start on 22/9!

Did you ever dream of flying in the clouds, along with the birds? Paragliding is one of the simplest flying devices that allows us to take off the hillside, to gain the height with the help of nature, without the use of a machine, to stay for hours in the air and to travel for tens of kilometers of distance. But most of all, it unlocks another world for us, magical and privileged.

Be careful: the flight is extremely addictive!

Where do the lessons take place?
The lessons take place at Kithaironas, at the headquarters of the air sports club, in Plataea of Thiva (63 km from Athens, about 1 hour by car) and at Kandili of Megara (41 km from Athens, about 40 minutes by car). The place where the lessons are held depends on the weather conditions the day of the activity.

How long does basic training last?
The basic training can be completed in about 2 months, always depending on the prevailing weather conditions and the time that each trainee intends to provide. The training program is developed and coordinated in consultation with the trainers.

Who can attend the training school?
The person concerned must not exceed 110 kg, not older than 55 years old and no history of heart disease (for the underage candidate pilots we propose to have reached the age of 14 and the permission of the parent or legal guardian is required).

What does the basic training include?
Basic training for new pilots includes practical and theoretical lessons. The candidate pilots will have to do 3-4 lessons on the ground to learn the basic behavior of the wing. Then, we will go on a low hill where low flights take place from around 40m, in order for students to learn to take off and land safely (about 10 flights). The training is completed with high flights (10), from the normal take-off of Kitheronas (altitude difference 350m), where the student takes his first “real” flights and leads his parachute to the air.

Necessary equipment
We provide each trainee with exclusive full certified equipment throughout the course (wing, seat, spare parachute, VHF and helmet). For the uninterrupted and safe attendance, it is necessary to wear comfortable sportswear, boots or sports shoes, windcheater jacket (ground exercises, take-offs / landings include body movement and running). It is equally necessary to have sunscreen, water and to not have consumed any alcohol the day before.

For BOA and its partners, who respect what we do and the power of nature, safety for everyone, especially trainees, is important! For this reason, the training is carried out with two supervisors simultaneously supervising the trainees, one at the take-off point and one at the landing point as prescribed in the regulations of the Hellenic Aerospace Federation. We have modern training parachutes of leading manufacturers, which contribute decisively to the safety of the beginner pilots and at the same time ensure pleasant and enjoyable first flights.

The current 2018 training series will start on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Come to  fly with us!