Hiking Dirfis Mountain

vasilios peponakis
Hiking Dirfis Mountain – Greece  Hiking…. and playing with the snow! On Sunday 20 of January, B.O.A. together with a brave women’s team, hiked from Steni Evias till Dirfy’s shelter! Team has met the high expectations of circumstances (high snow level) and everything was worked flawlessly. An exceptional four-legged climber was in our team!

First Activities 2019

Canyoning Central Greece B.O.A. desided that 2019 should begin with Canyoning in Central Greece… B.O.A.’s team with friends, had a perfect day in Mega Rema canyon enjoying the crystalline water! At the end, everybody has been compensated with a sweet piece of New Year cake!!! Happy New Year! Gooo in the mountains!  
How can I describe an excursion, an exploration with words, without putting the thousands of wonderful pictures you have lived and shared with your company? But the effort counts and I will try to give as much as I can to my own experience! The day begins, in Erymanthos mountain, with a delay of course,