Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata

Unforgettable life memoriesboa-experience
Via ferrata is the ‘iron path’ which is engraved on a steep hillside,
equipped with ropes, wire ropes, steel ladders and steps at its
most exposed parts that ensure the safe passage with
the appropriate equipment.

V.f in Athens On the most harsh and fierce part of the national park in Parnitha
rises the bluff hillside called ‘Arma’ [chariot]. So unique and
imposing that makes this activity breathless. The hiking in the beginning
of the path inside the dense forest, the climbing and the sensational view
will overrun you with unforgettable images.

V.F in Aoos Located in Aoos river outside the city of Konitsa the route is parallel to the
river with the Tibetan bridge rise 35 meters in height and 17 meters
in length stealing the impressions.

A unique route with impressive ascents over steel ladders
on the bluff hill being 60-70 meters over the water

V.F in Santorini Having the greatest panorama, the v.f in Santorini
is astonishing! It is the most powerful activity you can do in
Santorini either in the sunrise or in the sunset with the view of the vast blue Aegean sea.

Period: All year round
Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Hard / Demanding / Only for experienced
Duration: From 3 hours 
Attendance: At least 2 participants
Areas Activity : Athenes - Santorini - Epirus 
* level of difficulty with the color
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Travel insurance
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*In specific activities
Safety and Health
In order someone to participate in any of our activities
must be totally healthy.
Company’s health questionnaire must be also 
filled in order for the participation to be legitimate
Means of payment
B.O.A. accepts every mean of payment
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Transportation and meeting point
On daily activities the transportation is being 
carried out with your own vehicles.
Transportation with B.O.A.’s van is also 
possible upon agreement
Meeting points are defined based on the activity