Athens underground Urbex Underground Passageways
Located south of Athens between Thoricus and Sounion, the mines in the Lavrion District are among the oldest known ones revealing one of the most significant surviving industrial activities of ancient Greece. The extensive mining and metallurgical operations of Laurion, which was famed in ancient times chiefly for its silver and lead,  are of the earliest dating back to the Bronze Age period (3rd c. B.C.) or even earlier while reaching a peak production during the Classical period (especially in the 5th and 4th c. B.C.) strengthen thus, the political and economic role of Athens and its industry. The Laurion mines yielded quite rich ore deposits of iron and silver since more than 2000 shafts have been identified while its exploitation ceased in the 2nd c. A.
Join us to hike and explore these fascinating underground passageways of the ancient Laurion area mines.
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