SUP is the new surfing fashion! in Greek, is the upright rowing. It is a new, modern,
unique and most recognized sport that combines fun and exercise. S.U.P has become very
dynamic in the field of sea sports. It is constantly developing, in such a different style.
It is a nascent world sport. It seems that S.U.P appeared and evolved in different parts
of the world. Its modern version was undoubtedly born in Polynesia.

The rider stands upright on a longboard-surf style boat (with larger surfboards),
where the buoyancy is superior to the speed, or flexibility in the water and uses a
long one-sided paddle as a propeller to move forward. Everyone can play with SUP
and this is amazing about the Stand Up Paddle, in contrast with most water sports.
It needs no special skills and it’s for everyone, for the whole family, young and old!
The good thing about SUP is that you don’t need the ocean for the waves, you can
also row in the calm waters, or in your local lake, or river.


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