Rappel or otherwise Abseiling
The rappel it is safest activity to introduce to the world is extreme sport.
Feel the adrenaline pumping red by descending 
with the use of rope sideways that reach or exceed 90 degrees call.
Join us in an adrenaline game with the security provided by those
in charge of our activities.
From 20 to 240 meters rappelling is an activity that caters to everyone.
On family descents, go down with your loved ones and share 
a life experience with those you love.
Period: All year round
Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Hard / Demanding / Only for experienced
Duration: From 3 hours 
Booking: https://goo.gl/forms/21bpk0dJvVAJE27u1
Attendance: At least  2 participants
Areas Activity : Athens - Peloponnese - Crete 
* level of difficulty with the color
 Company’s services
Required training for the participation in the activity
Activity’s equipment
Team apothecary
Wireless communication between team members*
Activity souvenirs
Company’s civil liability
Additionally the company can provide
Travel insurance
Camping accommodation
*In specific activities
Safety and Health
In order someone to participate in 
any of our activities must be totally healthy.
Company’s health questionnaire must be also 
filled in order for the participation to be legitimate

Means of payment
B.O.A. accepts every mean of payment
Via credit / debit card / Via cash/ Via bank/ deposit Paypal Bitcoin

Transportation and meeting point
On daily activities the transportation is
being carried out with your own vehicles.
Transportation with B.O.A.’s van is also
possible upon agreement
Meeting points are defined based on the activity