Paragliding Athens

Paragliding Athens

PERIOD: All year
AREA: Megara –Plataea-Delphi-Argos
EXPERIENCE: No experience needed
DURATION: start 15’

Brief Description

Paragliding (or parapente) is one of the purest forms of free flight, as with minimal
equipment and no mechanical means we are able to find ourselves floating about,
hundreds of meters above the surface of the earth. We can even gain altitude,
by circling inside columns of warm air (called thermals), exactly like a lot of birds do.
In fact, quite often, birds happily join us in thermalling, showing us the way up!

Tandem paragliding (ie, flying as a passenger with a pilot) is the easiest, safest and
most direct way to experience what free flight means. Your pilot will brief you at take-off
regarding what you need to do and prepare you for the flight.  The flight itself usually lasts
about 15-20 minutes, depending on the conditions. Experience has shown that this is the
ideal amount of airtime for the first time paragliding. The whole procedure
(ie, briefing, preflight checks, flying, landing and driving from the landing field back to the take-off)
takes about one hour per person.

The program includes
Necessary equipment (the paraglider, harnesses, helmet)
Management of the group
Group pharmacy
Video and photos

You should have with you
Warm clothes
Money if you want to buy something (water – food)

Safety and Health
You need to be healthy and do not have any heart conditions.

Means of payment
Credit card
Bank Deposit

The transportation could also be held by the company’s
van if you register in the relevant program.

You can sign up
By phone on