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Who among us hasn’t dreamt of flying at least once in their life? Since antiquity, man has looked up to the skies and wished he could soar like a bird, imagining how it would feel to touch the clouds. We belong in the very first generations of humans privileged of achieving this dream and with the advent of paragliding, it has never been easier and more attainable.
Paragliding (or parapente) is one of the purest forms of free flight, as with minimal equipment and no mechanical means we are able to find ourselves floating about, hundreds of meters above the surface of the earth. We can even gain altitude, by circling inside columns of warm air (called thermals), exactly like a lot of birds do. In fact, quite often, birds happily join us in thermalling, showing us the way up!
Tandem paragliding (ie, flying as passenger with a pilot) is the easiest, safest and most direct way to experience what free flight means.
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