Mountain skiing is the vertical ascent of the mountain, by skiing or walking, and the descent of the mountain by skiing. 4500 years ago, somewhere in Sweden, mountaineering was born as a means of transporting people to the mountainous and almost permanently snowy regions of this Scandinavian country.

Since then, its form has been the same. It always offers the same pleasure, while, at the same time, it is a very good and mild alternative activity that requires very good technical training, good knowledge of downhill and also very good physical condition.

These attributes classify mountaineering among the most demanding, knowledge-intensive mountain sports. This is because mountaineers are forced to climb, descend or cross sharp, snowy and several times frozen slopes, often between shrubs or trees. At the same time, knowledge of the weather conditions (snowstorms, snowfalls), as well as of the conditions of snow (avalanches) are required.


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