what kite surf is 
Kite surf, or kite boarding, means “eagle” and “plank”.
It is a combination of sports such as wakeboard, windsurf,
paraglide and surf and is one of the fastest developing water sports in the world.
Adrenaline is soaring!
Destination…where the wind reigns!
Chaperones? The best in the field.
Experience? Unique!
Come with us in Greece’s most beautiful places for an outstanding experience in kitesurfing.
Our skilled guides in combination with high quality equipment will lead you to the best areas for kitesurfing in Greece.
Memorable experiences are the ones that start from Athens to Evia or other islands with Β.Ο.Α.’s [8 meter] inflatable boats.
The combination of traveling with a boat to an island and having an activity there makes the experience like no other.

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