Canyoning Agios Loukas Canyon Peloponnese

Canyoning Agios Loukas Canyon Peloponnese

Canyoning in Agios Loukas Xylokastro of Corinth is one of of the most beautiful activities in Greece.
It is a beautiful gorge with a clay bottom and crystal clear turquoise waters.
he gorge is suitable for beginners and groups because it has no techniques difficulties
when water quantities are at normal levels (summer) Small,
beautiful with jumps and slides but also rappel (12 meters longer)
offers adrenaline to every participant. Its duration depending of course on the team is from 3 hours
The gorge consists of two parts, the first is open and the second is closed with high rocks.
It is available during the summer months.


Technical information
Area :  Peloponnese
Period: J.F.M.A.M.J.J.A.S.O.N.D.
Difficulty: 12345
Technique: 12345
Natural Beauty:12345
Rappels: Yes
Sledders: Yes
Jumps: Yes 
Duration: 3+ hours
Start of activity: 09:00
Minimum number of participants: 4
Minimum Age: 21 years old
Distance from Athens: 90 Min
Cost: 75€
What the company offers
We, at B.O.A. (Base Outdoor Activities), go the extra mile to ensure that every member of our team 
is adequately trained and certified by all relevant authorities and also use the most up-to-date and safe equipment available.
Safe, sound and modern equipment
Certified guides for the activity
Certified first-aid guides
Team communication system
Guides that are Physical Education and Sport Science graduates
Team navigation/rescue/beacon system (GPS-BEIDOU-GLONASS)
Professional team pharmacy (GUIDE LEADER)
Photos/videos from the activity
COVID-19 PPE (masks-antiseptics)
Complimentary participation diploma

What you need to bring with you:
Bathing suit
Sports shoes (2 pairs)
Body towel
Light clothing for walking
Additionally, BOA can offer:
Travel insurance
Vehicle insurance

Safety – Health – Participation:
In order to participate in any activity, you should be absolutely healthy and not have any health problem. 
For a valid participation, you will need to fill the relevant participation form on the 
website and accept the terms and conditions of the company.
The company complies with the guidelines of the Greek government and the EU for the mitigation 
of the COVID-19 pandemic and follows the Covid-Free management template, with the safety 
of the clients as a first and foremost priority. Mitigating actions include full vaccination of the staff and regular tests.

The schedule may be altered or even cancelled due to unfit weather conditions or other unforeseen 
factors that may occur and could hinder the safe completion of the activity. In all these cases, 
participant safety is the most defining factor.
In the case of a cancellation from the side of the company, the ticket value is returned to the participants in full. 
The participation tickets are only valid for the activity and the date they are booked for.

Payment methods
Credit card
Bank trasfer

In most cases, the transportation can be done with the company van if such request is made.

Meeting point
It will be determined after direct communication
Difficulty level
The difficulty levels have been determined objectively, with the average person as a reference,
 meaning basic physical condition and can hike 2 to 4 kilometers. The fifth level refers to people
with a high degree of technical competence and perfect physical condition
5 Technical / high physical and technical demands
4 Difficult
3 Demanding
2 Medium
1 Easy

Natural beauty
The natural beauty levels have been evaluated based on the beauty
 of the surrounding natural landscape, where the activity takes us.
5 Mind blowing
4 Amazing
3 Beauty
2 Nice
1 Cool
How to participate in the activity
Phone: 00306949204079 
WhatsApp : 00306949204079
Viber: 00306949204079